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November 26, 2019 | Brian Carter Cellars

2019 Harvest Recap

We recently finished pressing off the last of our reds from 2019: Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon from Solstice Vineyard.  Good to see it come to a close! I feel confident that we made some very good wines. Harvest began pretty much on schedule with our first picking of Sauvignon Blanc, on the 12th of September. Our big push for red varietals was delayed until the 19th, not so much by the weather as by fire.

In late July the vineyard manager from Stone Tree Vineyards called me to say that a fire had occurred a month before and that their grapes were not going to be harvested as a result of smoke taint. While the Yakima Valley is our largest AVA supplier, Stone Tree is our single largest source for grapes. It is also the earliest ripening site we pick from since it is warm there, and some of our earliest varieties such as Tempranillo come from there. This resulted in my needing to replace most of the grapes sourced from that vineyard. The silver lining is that it allowed me to experiment with a few new vineyards and blocks, including some clonal selections of Tempranillo which are hard to come by. Getting back to harvest dates, it also affected the time of harvest since most of the new sites were a bit cooler than Stone Tree.

All the fruit that came in early in the season was spot on in quality. Then in early and mid-October we had some low temperatures, which included some frosting of the leaves and pretty much the end of the ripening process. Fortunately, the sugars and most of the flavors were there, but the acidity was a little high in a few cases. But as you all know, this is not my first rodeo, and I have seen these types of issues before, most recently in 2011.

While it is early, I am happy with almost everything: good fruit, good color, and some good acidities – all of which is up my alley for making European style wines.



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