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July 1, 2020 | Brian Carter Cellars

Bringing Wine to the Fourth of July: Cameron Cohn

Our favorite summer holiday is right around the corner. The Fourth of July has always been characterized as a time to celebrate with friends and family, light off some fireworks, and of course enjoy the outdoors with some delicious food and drinks. A great food and wine pairing can turn any ordinary meal into a luxurious treat for you and your guests. To give you some advice on matching food and wine, here are some Fourth of July pairing recommendations for six of our favorite wines.

2018 Oriana: This white wine is richly aromatic with a fruity, crisp acidity, a great wine to enjoy on a hot summer evening. Pair a glass of Oriana with your family’s signature fried chicken, savory crab cakes, or even some beautiful oysters from Puget Sound. It also goes great with snacks such as chips and sweet onion dip, mac salad or potato salad.

2019 Abracadabra Rosé: The perfect outdoor wine. Enjoy this electric pink rosé with classic grilled meats like grilled salmon, pork chops, or hot dogs. The fruity aromas of strawberries, peaches, and orange blossoms make it an excellent complement to any fruit salad, or a delicious berry cheesecake.

2015 Abracadabra Red: The fruity, dark aromas of blackberries, black cherries and cedar make this wine the perfect pairing with any picnic-style feast. Pour a glass with a mouthwatering burger, lamb kabobs, or even spaghetti with a rich bolognese sauce.

2014 Le Coursier: Our amazing right bank Bordeaux blend gives off subtle notes of blackberries and aromatic spices, making it a perfect companion to a lovely dessert. We highly recommend trying Le Coursier with a small chocolate tart, or fudge chocolate ice cream with drunken cherries on top.

2016 Corrida: This bold, peppery wine emits aromas of fresh black cherries and pomegranate that really wakes up the pallet. Pair this beautiful and colorful wine with a juicy plate of steak frites, or any smoked meats that you love like pulled pork or tri-tip, and lift any regular dinner into a luxurious feast. 

2015 Opulento: The king of dessert wines. This Portuguese beauty melts your palate with sumptuous berries and chocolate. Aside from the obvious chocolate pairing, try taking a different approach to this wine and enjoy it with your favorite ribs with BBQ sauce, teriyaki chicken, or some late night smores.

Luckily, it just so happens that our 2018 Oriana, 2019 Rose, and 2015 Abracadabra Red are included in our Fourth of July wine bundle, on sale for $55. It's the easiest way ever to make new friends at a BBQ.

We hope you all have a splendid Fourth of July and spend it in style. Cheers and stay safe!!


Beth's Gravatar
@ Jul 1, 2020 at 3:26 PM
Thanks for the suggestions Cameron. I’ll have to pull some of these from my collection for my socially distant 4th of July barbecue

Bruce's Gravatar
@ Jul 1, 2020 at 8:20 PM
Wonderful food and wine paring suggestions Cameron - especially for the Opulento. Thanks for the great ideas.

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