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2013 Ace
Inaugural Edition Red Blend

I am very proud to introduce the Inaugural Edition of our Dedication Series of wines. My passion is making great blended wines and I offer a great selection of them, largely inspired by the classical blends of Europe. Never wanting to stand still, I am offering up a new series of blended wines outside of the box (but still inside the bottle). Each wine will be unique in its blend and unique into whom it is dedicated. For our first of the series I have made a blend of two varieties less often blended in Europe but a blend rapidly becoming a Washington State Classic: Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. I am also dedicating this wine to my Grandfather ‘Nick’ Carter who was an important person, both in my life and in the air over France in World War I:  A true “ACE” fighter pilot.

Dark in color, the complex aromas include ripe blackberries and cedar with notes of herbs de Provence. As you sip the wine you will discover it finds all corners of your palate: entrance, middle and finish, with plenty of structure and balance promising extended aging potential. An excellent pairing with lamb marinated in black bean sauce. 

 750 ml

Wine Specs

Red Blend
Columbia Valley

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